If you’d like to get in touch with us and hang out, we mostly reside on our Friday Night Fanfiction Discord Server these days. There’s a widget right here to join up and talk with us! Please remember to post any NSFW material in the NSFW channel. Please contact a host when you first join the server in order to be given proper posting permissions.

You can add the discord server to your existing account with the following permalink:

Here’s a translation of users to server names:

Stevo = Stevo
David = Brushfire
Logan = Joojkin
Shawn = Frostbeard the Pornmaster
Val = Vilecat

Here are some other points of contact for us and the main podcast:

Friday Night Fanfiction on Twitter
Friday Night Fanfiction on Facebook
Stevo’s Twitter
David’s Twitter
Logan’s Twitter
Shawn’s Twitter
Val’s Twitter
Nerdy Show itself, which is awesome!