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About the Hosts:


Stevo was born with a full beard and headphones on at the age of zero about three decades ago. He meandered through life, absorbing power from the unsuspecting fools around him, until 2007 when he met up with his lifetime comedy partner David. Their powers merged, the duo formed Nighthorse Media and eventually brought in fellow members Logan and Shawn. Oh, and somehow Stevo met his wife through

The bearded smilebeast is captain of the Nighthorse ship. He spends the majority of his time plotting new schemes for FNF whenever he isn’t editing episodes (usually very behind in his progress). He lives in Maryland with his wife and doggo(s). He’s a fitness enthusiast who also spends a lot of spare time tinkering with older computers and streaming with his pals in the Worst Best Friends. He is available for conventions, birthday parties, company retreats, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, roasts, and arbor day.


Howdy there diddily ding dong dear riddly-readeroo! My noodly-name is diddily ding dong David. I am known as Brushfire on the Friday noodly-Night Fanfiction show. I have a golden voice and have even been in movies. Taco Bel-diddly-ell is my bible. Steve will say that he is the heart of the show, and because of how mucharoo he doodley-does, he is prolly riddly-right. End communication.



Half man, half machine, half disembodied muscle voice, he is 150% Logan. Despite his young age of 12 or something, he somehow weaseled his way into being a part of this podcasting family. Some say it’s his dashing good looks, others say it’s that he fears neither death nor man.


From the frozen tundra of Canada, warmed only by the heat of a P’Zone, Frostbeard the Pornmaster (a.k.a Shawn) must travel for hours, trudging through shoulder high snow and fighting off polar bears, to the only igloo that has a decent internet connection in order to broadcast live, when his country is not on fire that is.

Initially a guest for the first few seasons, Shawn was brought in as a full-time host and social media director for Nighthorse Media starting season 4. Since then, he has travelled across Canada, trying to spread the word of FNF, much like a viral infection. Available during the summer for all 18+ events.

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