What is Friday Night Fanfiction?

Friday Night Fanfiction is a podcast dedicated to reading terrible, sometimes erotic, fanfiction from across the internet and turning it into a drinking game. We make fun of the stories, each other, and our guests every week outside of mid-season and inter-season breaks. The goal here is to unwind with friends indulging in the awful things that we love to loathe.

The show airs every week on Wednesday nights at 8PM EST, and usually goes until about 10PM EST give or take. The radio stream we host on this website is dedicated to those live airings as well as playing older episodes of FNF 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on random outside of that. Episodes are edited and posted primarily on Fridays at some point throughout the day, depending on how long it takes to edit.


Sounds interesting! How do I listen to the show?

If you want to listen to the radio or a live episode during broadcast time, click the play button on the radio widget at the top of this page! You can also grab the url for playing and plug it into VLC or foobar or whatever other dedicated streaming application you have is. The URL is http://s30.myradiostream.com:27580/

To get episodes that have been edited and posted, you can go to a few different places.

Friday Night Fanfiction on Soundcloud
Friday Night Fanfiction on iTunes
Friday Night Fanfiction on Google Play Music
Friday Night Fanfiction on audioBoom
Friday Night Fanfiction on Stitcher

If you’d like to download the episodes outside of iTunes, there are a few programs that can help. Castbox has mobile smartphone apps for iOS and Android. All you need to do is grab the app then search for Friday Night Fanfiction and you can listen on your phone. If you’re on a Windows Computer, you can grab the open-source gPodder and put in the SoundCloud RSS in order to download episodes.

Up until Season 6, FNF was originally hosted by Nerdy Show. If you’d like to find older posts from their site, visit the Nerdy Show Network Friday Night Fanfiction page


This show is pretty cool! How can I help you all out?

That’s very sweet of you to consider helping us make the stuff we make! Thank you very much! There’s a few ways to support us.

The first and easiest way to do so is to tell all your friends and family about us! Well, I mean, not ALL your friends and family. I don’t think Aunt Gladys would particularly enjoy our brand of humor, especially if she laughs so hard that she fractures that new hip she just got. And cousin Merl probably would find us highly inappropriate. So, I guess, use your discretion about who you tell us about? Anyway, yes, telling people whom you think would enjoy what we do about us is a great, easy, and free way to help us out! We primarily make this show because we want to make it so spreading this to as many people who would enjoy it as possible is a big goal. You can share this page or the SoundCloud or whatever you want with them. Link them to your favorite episode! Bring them into the discord so we can blow their expectations away personally! Do whatever you want to, man. It’s all up to you.

Next up, you can review us on the various audio hosting sites we have. Giving us ratings and reviews helps our exposure and shows we’re not just simply paying a few robots in Asia somewhere to constantly click our episodes to get traffic (HONEST!). So give us some love on iTunes, Soundcloud, wherever! We also appreciate interactions on social media, as any excuse to talk about the show or the contents of it is a good one for us.

Furthermore, we LOVE doing our show live at conventions. Seriously. We have a blast doing it, and any way to get us out there (as long as scheduling and monetary concerns work out) is worthwhile to pursue. So if you are or know a contact at a convention that you think would be a good fit for our brand of awful, get us in touch with you/them. We’ve read fanfiction at the following conventions so far during our various podcasting tenures:

Lastly, we’re currently working on setting up a Patreon to act as a bit of a coffee fund for us. The website design, hosting, broadcast station, and recording equipment do cost us a bit out of pocket, but we’ll always strive to make this show the best it can be without resorting to any kinds of ads or sponsorship (despite our repeated confessions to hoping Bad Dragon would ever sponsor us). If it costs us a bit to make what we want to make, we’re okay with that. If enough people enjoy the show to help us make it pay for itself, that’s even better! Any extra money we would get after becoming solvent goes towards travel costs for special events like conventions as well as equipment improvements for the hosts.
Note: if you consider donating to us, please also consider seeking out any of the fanfiction authors you really enjoy and seeing how you can support them as well. Many authors, like Nidoranduran, have their own Patreons and they deserve the same amount of support that we do!

If you have any other ideas about how we should be supported don’t hesitate to reach out to us!