Merch & Patreon

Thank you for your interest in our stuff! Any kind of support is appreciated, even if it isn’t necessary. Support comes in all forms, ranging from just being a fan to buying stuff associated with the show.

If you want to support us there are many ways, some involving money and some that don’t:

  • Telling your friends about the show is one of the easiest ways to support. We thrive off of our amazing community, and as it grows so does the richness of our content.
  • Giving us reviews on things like iTunes and Google Play Podcasts helps give the show more prominence so that people are able to stumble upon the show more easily.
  • We recently opened a Patreon for anyone interested in helping us cover the running costs of the show, equipment upgrades, and other expenses. If you’re interested in supporting it, head on over to Friday Night Fanfiction on Patreon. Patreon is the most direct way to help us get the money to keep our website, domains, Soundcloud, and streaming radio going. It also allows us to improve the quality over time as money gets built up. Eventually, we hope to use any excess Patreon funding to start planning unique events such as getting the whole crew together for recording and broadcasting specials, and possibly arranging FNF meetups where we can hang with our fans outside of conventions and panels!
  • We also recently relaunched our t-shirts over at Teespring! We have our classic two designs (FNF Logo, House FNF Sigil) along with three brand new designs by Valérie! We have the FNF Gym, Bless the Rains, and the three pillars of The Dawkins. Click on a shirt image below to be taken to the order pages!