Season 4 Episode 5 – Swivel Dicks

Fanfics read:
The Farce of Sodom, or The Quintessence of Debauchery (by Annonymous Author)

Readers: Stevo, Logan, Val, Shawn, Nodachie, Lackofsense
Referee: Val

Prithee, tell us, what stories do we read?
Of fiction, of fandoms, but original source not decreed
For we have yet to dain to touch non-fanfiction stories
But this night we make history, with buggering and debaucheries

And no, I’m not calling it “Ropey Fish Juice”.

Presenting “The Farce of Sodom, or The Quintessence of Debauchery” an anonymous play from the 17th century that was submitted for us to read. It is right up our alley, and even though it isn’t fanfiction, we did it anyway. And boy did we love it!

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