Season 4 Episode 9 – *Insert Food-Related Pun Here*

Fanfics read:
Halcyon University (by ShinjiHiroku)
Classic (by whiskyandoldspice (Itsirtou))

Readers: Stevo, David, Shawn, Joemotycki, Sollux
Referee: Val

We finally, FINALLY crush through the painful, Poképorn sensation that is “Halcyon University” by ShinjiHiroku. We all got very sad and Stevo, at least, got very very hungry. Then, we wash our mouths out with “Classic” by whiskeyandoldspice – a short story about Q.

No, not that Q.

No, not that one either. Apparently, a very young Q from a new James Bond thing. We recommend thinking of superwrinkles Q, though. Makes it grosser.

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