Season 4 Episode 15 – My First Time With A Latex Glove

Fanfics read:
Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures (by Nidoran Duran)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val
Referee: Val

After a month-long hiatus to clean up a bunch of things, we’re back! To celebrate, our core hosting party gathered to summon forth one of our most infamous fics from the time before Friday Night Fanfic. Yes, this season’s longfic is “Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures” by Niduranduran. It’s notable for its length, detail, attention to character building, and of course, its copious amounts of Poképhilia, incest, group sex, and squirting. Yes, this story is just as bad as we remember it, even though we don’t remember most of it.

Bottom’s up, down your glass, grab a piece of Poké-ass!

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