Season 4 Episode 24 – Chainsaw Solo

Fanfics read:
Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures (by Nidoran Duran)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val, Arkais, Moguta
Referee: Val

Succumb once again to the tortures of Niduranduran’s “Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures”. In this episode… its the same thing. The same damn song and dance we’ve been enduring for, like, two months. Has it been two months? We can’t remember the last time we’ve seen the sun rise.

This is like a more erotic version of Pitch Black, but without the action or Vin Diesel or Keith David. No, wait… in this episode the only eroticism we get is a mid-coitus evolution, and then more back story about the Tsundere Absol, and then a road trip maybe? Only the love and affection of our fans helps us limp along here, and for sharing that pain we are eternally grateful.

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