Season 4 Episode 31 – Bilk

Fanfics read:
The Very Secret Diaries (by Cassandra Claire)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val, JoeCam, Tom (heisanevilgenius)

In this episode, we take a reprieve.

We take a long, hard look at ourselves and decide to shirk off our Pokémon shackles for an evening and read something that restores our sanity. JoeCam (of SML Podcast) and Tom Heisanevilgenius (of Weird Video Games and Peter Chimaera) join us for a wonderful LiveJournal-y romp through The Lord of the Rings with “The Very Secret Diaries” by Cassandra Claire.

Though unfinished, this was exactly what we needed. Shout outs to all our fellow pervy hobbit-fanciers.

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