Season 5 Episode 4 – Tool of the Fates

Fanfics read:
Heidi: The Tool-Time Girl (by alurker8192)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Tehmsu, Moguta

Join us for a festive romp through the 90’s – when Tim Allen was both a family sitcom icon and symbol for what happens when you do too many drugs. Find out what happens when Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (JTT) and Mark (Taran Noah Smith) drug the babysitter and do awful things to her in “Heidi – The Tool-Time Girl” by alurker8192. Yes, it’s a Home Improvementfic, and the story is about as old as the show itself. Ready for the plot twist? It turns out Heidi wasn’t actually drugged and really wanted the tools of the Taylor kids all along! Pretty sure they cancelled the show after ABC became aware of this story’s existence. It wouldn’t surprise us at all.

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