Season 5 Episode 6 – So This is How They Make Bubble Tea

Fanfics read:
Tapioca (by Xalts)
The Sequel (by Xalts)
Tapioca 3 The Return (by Xalts)
A Furnished Denmark (by Mizukotsu)
Artemis’s lover (by Oscar)

Readers: Stevo, David, Shawn, Val, Cyril, Sollux

Oh. Oh dear. Oh, what has happened here? We read five stories and drudge through the dairy goodness that is Xalts’ Tapioca trilogy; a threesome of stories based on Salamanders in the Homestuck universe. It is very gross and not anatomically or biologically accurate in any way. There’s “Tapioca“, “The Sequel“, and who could forget the riveting finale, “Tapioca 3 The Return“. Delightful.

Following that, we read some fic based off what is itself fanfiction of World War II: Hetalia Axis Powers, with Mizukotsu’s “A Furnished Denmark“. It’s a lovely tale where someone has sex with a couch… and the couch is a person. Then, of course, we close with a story about a boy having sex with a hermaphrodite cat in “Artemis’ Lover” by Oscar. Prepare yourselves for a heaping pile of NOPE.

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