Season 5 Episode 13 – Sir Unicocktapus of Bum Diddles

Fanfics read:
69 hues of Disney the ballad of Gaston and the Kid from Iron Giant (by FlippantTriggering)
Alex Mack meets Sabrina Spellman (by MAW)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Beth, Sam

Time to celebrate! We don’t have to read any more of that awful Saved by the Bell fanfiction! …Oh. Great, now we have to read fanfiction about Brushfire and his Melon friend. Yup. We’ve stooped this low, folks. If there were a bottom to this barrel, we would surely have passed it by a few miles by now. Introducing: “Brushmelon“.

We romp through the 90’s with a Disney crossover fic that really knows how to work character appeal: “69 hues of Disney the ballad of Gaston and the Kid from Iron Giant” by FlippantTriggering. And then we go live action and read “Alex Mack Meets Sabrina Spellman” by MAW. Brace yourselvesfor some very “nope” mind control.  But at least the Brushfire thing was kinda sweet, even though it was a friggin’ watermelon.

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