Season 5 Episode 29 – I Didn’t Give You Handy Because We Were Watching Space Dandy

Fanfics read:
My Inner Life (by Link’s Queen)
Garfield Land (by ShakespeareHemmingway)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Disdonn, BigAdam

That’s it. We’ve had enough!

Too many weeks of this drek lucid dreaming Hyrule Mary Sue bull. We finally reach our limit and take a reprieve from Link’s Queen’s Zelda fanfic: “My Inner Life”. We read through a few pages but then switch gears to a much more enjoyable story from a much better author, with much more well developed characters and funnier lines and everything: “Garfield Land” by the aptly-named Shakespear Hemmingway.

It was great. Maybe you do really need to go through hell to appreciate reality. Unfortunately, we know we’ll have to go back next week…?

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