Season 5 Episode 40 – Why is Mary-Jane the Crypt Keeper?

Fanfics read:
Chronicles of Spider-Man (by JohnSmith)
Two Hearts Are Better Than One (by Etch Feather)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Danyo, Sara

We resume reading “Chronicles of Spider-Man” by JohnSmith and boy does it get awkward. Mostly because of a dude named Craig. Because Craig is not really a sexy name at all. Also Craig does drugs and it all gets really weird and awkward… and still… definitely not a sexy name. We progress from there into uncharted caverns, mostly trying to define concave dimensions on a human being’s body. We also ruined the Crypt Keeper. After at long last wrapping the Spider-Person debauchery, we start “Two Hearts are Better than One” by Etch Feather. Enjoy!

Or don’t… Because it’s awful!

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