Season 6 Episode 1 – The Bullworth Academy Meat Tornadoes

Fanfics read:
A Date with Yoda (by blooddavid4658)
Thundercats The Magic Dust (by Mugetsu G)
Wet Love (by ChaoticTrainer)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val

And we’re BAAAAAAAACK! And, of course, basically nothing’s changed. The crew storms through three stories to kick off Season 6, and it’s clear that downhill is a thing that just never ends for us.

First off is a story about Yoda going on a date with Miley Cyrus. Which is not the actual Yoda but just some dude’s friend who’s gamertag is Yoda. We still use the Yoda voice, though, because that makes it all the more awkward as we discuss how much ear hair Yoda’s dick has.

After that, we get kinky in furtown with some Thundercats erotica. David keeps talking about some Mechanical Redneck from He-man or something, but it’s still pretty hot/gross.

Finally, we read a very short story about the anime Free!, which is about swimming and other assorted wetnesses.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and we hope you all like the new intro!

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