Season 6 Episode 8 – Heavy Petting Zoo

Fanfics read:
Suckin’ Some D on the USS EnterMe (by SauerKrautss)
Happy Days What Richie Saw (by Dr. Bone)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val

GUESTLESS NIGHT!!! The core hosts run amok across the cosmos! FUCK YOU, I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME! First, we peruse the lithe weirdness of Spock’s Evergreen Cock in Suckin’ Some D on the USS EnterMe. Then we go back in time with some Happy Days fanfiction. Finally, we travel to foreign lands with a valiant attempt at a translated copy of KUNG FU TRON EL TORNEO. Le Gasp!

Thanks as always to our Patrons, friends, and fans!

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