Season 6 Episode 12 – You Want To Please Your Horse~Lover

Fanfics read:
Fun In The Barn (by Challenge King)
Rings, Socks, and Minds (by Decadent Meerkat)
Foreign Affairs (by funluvr)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val, Matt, Mike

Strap in for a wild ride across your childhood and into the politics of 2016! Matt and Mike join the crew in a voyage through three different stories based in, like, four fandoms and then somehow reality. We start with our first Animorphs fanfic with Fun in the Barn, and we discuss what the horse futanari who rule the world would be called. After that, we delve into Rings, Socks and Minds which somehow brings Yoda, Dobby and Gollum together for a frenetic threesome of short character debauchery. Finally, we slide into the moist sausage wallet of Foreign Affairs, which describes in vivid details what sharing an Uber with HRC would end up like.

Thanks as always to our Patrons, friends, and fans!

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