Season 8 Episode 9 – and then the dark lord said ‘oh no…’

Fanfics read:

Legolas (by Laura)
A Valentines Gone Too Far Fortnite NSFW Fanfiction (by InflamedIce)
Steam (by Swood)
Brewdening Love – A Twilight Fanfic (by ErinOfTheCullenClan)

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn, Tea, DLucks

I feel like these writeups get so much harder to do when we’re reading a long story. Like, I could wax philosophical about many things when we’re not mired in an extended read but now? All I want to do is just bang my head on the desk.

Tea and DLucks join us as we take a tiny, super small reprieve from Brewdening Love and get some other flavors in the mix. First we read Legolas. We regretted it. Then, we read about Fortnite in A Valentines Gone Too Far Fornite NSFW Fanfiction. Those who cared regretted it, though most of us didn’t know any of the characters. You know, because its Fortnite. Then we read about Bionicle, and Logan and Tea cared and very much regretted it. Then it was more Brewdening Love. *sigh*

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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