Season 10 Episode 12 – Some People Think with Their Honey Crater

Fanfics read:
Love in the Time of Corona(virus) (by affectionateAvocado)
Animal Cocking Gerudoggy Style (by oofoe)
WX-78 May Find This Shocking (by ZekuDoge) 

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn, Riley, Matt

Hot off from finishing the Tamanegi Saga, we get topical by reading about Coronavirus! Yup, and its also Star Wars. The sequel trilogy. Yup. It happened, can’t wipe it from history now. We were then joined by Riley and Matt to read about some sexy Animal Crossing since that’s also relevant and will get us some extra mouse clicks. Then we just say fuck it and read about Don’t Starve, and prove that Logan is in fact a robot. 

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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