Season 11 Episode 2 – Neopolitan Style Uranium Ice Cream

Fanfics read:
Gurren Jesus (by Jasonbobdude)
Enjoy Your Strap-On, Sir (by jen0va99)
The Finer Points of Carrots (by Decadent Meerkat) 

Readers: Stevo, Logan, Shawn

Only a week between recording this and the first episode, yet somehow took two months to edit. Damn, our crew really needs to unionize to justify such selfish and entitled behavior! Also, I’m starting to notice a trend with Season 11 thus far: there’s a lot of talk about nuclear stuff. No real reason, just…nuclear stuff.

Stevo, Shawn and Logan read a few stories: one about Gurren Lagan (featuring Jesus), one about some lawyers that star in a Capcom game, and one about a Disney property that was inexplicably popular for some reason or another. Also features a small cameo from then two-month-old Xavier! Already making his daddy proud, that boy was. 

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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