Season 4 Episode 1 – The Redcocks

Fanfics read:
Adopting A Cute Bear Cub (by Brickhousebunny21)
Cream and Caramel (by Shadow_Dragon_Wolf_Queen_of_Darkness)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Val
Referee: Val

Quick note: As of 9/25/2019, Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Friday Night Fanfiction have been separated out to an archives feed and can be accessed here.

Our quest begins once again! Welcome to Season 4! New host Shawn will be accompanying us for the long haul, and this entire season is dedicated in memoriam to Logan’s lost testicle.

To start, we dive right into the Poképhilia with “Adopting a Cute Bear Cub” by Brickhousebunny21. Lots of non-anthro fuzzy wangus in here, along with some milkjunkies and background yelling from Nerdy Show‘s Tony Baldini!

After that, we read a story penned by FNFfan, Shadow_Dragon_Wolf_Queen_of_Darkness, based on one of our ideas: a Peach/Daisy futa fic called “Cream and Caramel“. It was… definitely something. Various genitals flying around, some kind of tentacle monster… the usual!

This is going to be a rough few months.

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