Season 4 Episode 2 – I Was Going To Fuck This Boy

Fanfics read:
Heroic (by Scecky)
Justin, Fergus and Dakota (by Jake B)
Teasetting Ron (by Oowth)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Tehmsu, Wolfboy
Referee: Val

This episode we’re kicking things off by imbibing in some traditional FNFpoison: Harry Potter fanfiction. “Heroic” by Scecky and “Teasetting Ron” by Oowth limber us up for the real challenge: “Justin, Fergus, and Dakota” by Jake B. A fic about real world celebrities.

Nope. All the friggin’ nope in the world. Everyone reading this truly foul fanfiction just compromised their job opportunities for the future. Life is terrible now.

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