Season 4 Episode 18 – Ass to Toilet

Fanfics read:
Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures (by Nidoran Duran)

Readers: Stevo, David, Shawn, Val, ChronoTyrant
Referee: Val

You guessed it, our trek continues through Niduranduran’s longform erotic Pokémon fanfic, “Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures”.  This time we begin with a vigorous banging of a cucumber and the family cat. Then we encounter some much-needed character development and the introduction of another Pokémon ripe for a sensual liaison – this time with a broody past and active Tsundere gene. More puns are made, more horrors are uncovered. You know, the same drink-inducing, joke-to-keep-sane, usual here on FNF.

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