Season 4 Episode 19 – Celibacy Steak

Fanfics read:
Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures (by Nidoran Duran)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Gorejuice, Joemotycki
Referee: Val

Another day, another chunk of Pokésmut to chew through. In this installment of Niduranduran’s “Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures”, we’re introduced to a new angsty love interest , and a faux hipster at that (as if the main character doesn’t have a full enough harem already).

Plus there’s more- you know what? You already know what’s going on in this thing. You know what to expect. There’s no uphill from here. We’re only going to delve deeper into the debauchery.

Keep your airhorns squeaky clean, folks.

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