Season 5 Episode 10 – What Even is The Radical Squadron?

Fanfics read:
Twilight Tinkle (by Grassdragon)
Reboot Re-Booty Call (by De-Manged)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, SirSplee

It’s always a treasure when we read some fanfiction by one of our own fans… And it’s got ponies in it… And the ponies are peeing. And also diapers. The story is called “Twilight Tinkle” by first rate pervert GrassDragon. It was really gross and wet and kind of like the worst Super Soaker fight you could imagine possible. Then, we delve into a fanfic about the 90’s CGI show ReBoot: “ReBooty Call” by De-Manged; where there’s incest and it’s also really gross and not fun to read. But hey, this is our life now, and we do it because you enjoy our suffering.

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