Season 5 Episode 11 – Man, He Loved Cum

Fanfics read:
This pic was fun to do, and the idea of a fat Lucca wearing Gato/Gonzales refitted to be a suit made me laugh (by Doomington)
Bangin’ At Bayside (by Cuzintiny)

Readers: Stevo, Logan, Val, Shawn, Joemotycki

We’re kicking this episode off with something highly unusual, visual and fan-submitted! Loyal listener tehmsu commissioned an artist to draw Lucca from Chrono Trigger – hyper plump and sporting a proportionately engorged member. Doomington, the artist in question, liked it so much they penned a short story to go along with it. Presenting “Lucca Futa” (caution: link contains NSFW image) – we couldn’t not read it. There’s much moisture and grossness involved.

Following that, we started reading “Bangin’ at Bayside” by Cuzintiny, which cuts directly to the chase about the copious amounts of sex being had in the Saved by the Bell universe. It’s going to be a two-parter, and even though we’re only a few pages in, we already know it’s going to be a rough one.

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