Season 5 Episode 18 – Charlie Browm

Fanfics read:
A Charlie Brown Christmas (by Author Obscure)
Tony, Cind, and Bam Make a Porno (by “Mann Rice” and Nodachie)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Afrohawk, Cyril, Lackofsense, Zak

Dust off your best-worn Vans, friends! In this episode we read the pro-skateboarder slashfic you never knew you wanted: “Tony, Cindy and Bam make a Porno” by “Mann Rice” and Nodachie. Yup. Wax your boards, folks. And by “boards” we mean both your skateboard as well as whatever phallic object you’re sporting… because Tony Hawk and Bam Margera are about to “grind”.

Next we read “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Author Obscure. We thought it was going to be whimsical. Well, it’s only really whimsical if you’re into pee, inter-species relations, and other forbidden fruits. If you see Charles Schulz in heaven, tell him we’re sorry.

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