Season 5 Episode 19 – ‘a’he’er U’i’ed

Fanfics read:
Dirty Laundry (by emeraldeyedirishdaughter)
Sonic Beats Rainbow Dash in a Race (by Scootareader)

Readers: Stevo, David, Shawn, Val, Sarah, Jeremy

Mmm, British sexiness. In this episode it’s not just our upper lips we’re keeping stiff. We finally get the chance to touch The Doctor in “Dirty Laundry” by emeraldeyedirishdaughter. For many, David Tennant is sexy. For us… this was pretty freaking unsexy. Behold as rookie readers get riotous and try to pick apart plot and logic which isn’t there. The alcohol will teach them, and teach them well.

We chase the Whovian smut with a My Little Pony story, because this year Friday Night Fanfiction is going to be at BronyCon – and it’s this weekend! Join us for “Sonic Beats Rainbow Dash Who Beats Sonic in a Race” by by Scootareader. It’s a great story for all fans of MLP and probably no fans of Sonic.

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