Season 5 Episode 21 – I Married a Lie

Fanfics read:
Ghost Riding Fergus Riordan (by Jake B)
I Can Fix That (by TheLilacPilgrim)
Rainbow and Sonic have a Religious Experience (by Flutterpriest)
Sonic and the Pokéginas (by Freedom Beef)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn

We return to conclude the confusing and thoroughly inappropriate real-life celebrity fanfic, “Ghost Riding Fergus Riordan” by JakeB, which includes camera angles and confusing genitals. It left a pretty nasty taste in our mouths so we decided to dive right into a My Little Pony story guaranteed to offend with “Rainbow and Sonic have a Religious Experience” by Flutterpriest. It’s awesome to confirm that Jesus not only vapes but also can do sick tricks with a fidget spinner. The smut in that one was questionable, so we move on to our favorite: Sonic crossovers with Freedom Beef’s “Sonic and the Pokéginas“. A perfect balance of right up our alley/not up our alley at all! Lastly, based entirely on things talked about during the show, we read “I Can Fix That” by TheLilacPilgrim, an Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert spanking fic that we really hope becomes a live adaptation one day. Anderson Cooper is indeed quite dreamy.

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