Season 5 Episode 22 – HGTV Satan

Fanfics read:
Masturbation for Dummies Gold Edition (by Redtana)
Thomas the Tank Engine in: Tension Relief (by TrainMaster64)

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Shawn
Guests: Nodachie, Bubbles

Two “titillating” tales to terrify! The first, “Masturbation for Dummies (Gold Edition)” by Redtana is a My Little Pony fic featuring magical self-pleasuring. It’ll make you ask profound questions like: “does mutual masturbation counts as the ‘friendship’ part of ‘Friendship is Magic’.” The second story, “Tension Relief” by TrainMaster64, will remind you just how creepy Thomas the Tank Engine is and then crank that creep up to 11 with eerie erotica. Toot-toot!?

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