Season 5 Episode 23 – American Splits

Fanfics read:
American Splits (by Heisanevilgenius)
My Inner Life (by Link’s Queen)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Tom

Behold the cosmic horror that is “American Splits” a story by Heisanevilgenius, aka Peter Chimera, aka Tom White who joins the fantastic fivesome in this very episode! We named it right at the start of our show, even, for no apparent reason! Game of Thrones will never be the same again. Following that, we finally get started on our longfic for the season: “My Inner Life” by Link’s Queen. This thing almost predates the internet, people. It was made in the late 90’s as part of someone’s lucid dream experience in the land of Hyrule, complete with Mary-Sue complex and self-insertion. This is gonna hurt real bad. Real bad.

Drink along with us for the longest author’s note we’ve ever read – so long we only barely get into the sexy on the first episode! HOLD ON TO YA BUTTS.

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