Season 9 Episode 2 – What meat gets me off? What the fuck kind of fucked up question is that?

Fanfics read:
Home (by BlackDeviouseRose)
Darling It’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter (Take It From Me) (by imaginary_golux)
Every Man Should Start the Day on His Knees (by ExposeTheZodiac (GwenTheTribble))

Readers: Stevo, Val, Logan, Shawn

Oh, fun! No time for elaborations this week, we have sexy things to bring you! Due to a technical issue, David did not exist this week (blame his neighbor doing yardwork at 7:30 at night). So I had to scramble to get these stories ready. First is a Voltron hatefuck fic called Home, featuring two good boys. After that, its an AU Star Wars fic involving mermen and masturbation. Last, we’ve got a political heatwave with Jeb and Ted in Every Man Should Start the Day on His Knees. Warm titfucks to you all.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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