Season 9 Episode 14 – Lousy Smarch Orgasm

Fanfics read:
Monkey Business (by vexxtrak)
Olympian Gluteal Chokehold (by Eroppai (FalstaffKisaragi))
Phoenix had to suck a LOT of dick to get his badge back (by gumdickshoe)

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn, Troy, Ms. Pouty

Stevo and David finally got together again in person after five years of not seeing each other! We got proof of it, too! Maybe someday we’ll be unlazy enough to put together the travelogue we kinda sorta maybe filmed for like six minutes of total material, but hey, it still counts as evidence! But y’all don’t care about that. Y’all are here for the awful and the dirty, right? Yeah, you are.

Troy and Ms. Pouty return again (I can’t believe we haven’t scared them off yet). First, the core dudes read about Overwatch (this was before the Blitzchung thing, trust me, we probably wouldn’t have read it after that bullshit happened). Then, we talked about the semen capacity of primates. THEN we read the next story, and ruined Keijo with some buttsexy stuff. Finally, we completely decimate Phoenix Wright with a cheesy (literally, it’s about smegma) maybe sexy story. Clean your foreskin, bros. Also don’t keep your smega in cravats. That’s terrible.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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