Season 9 Episode 15 – Spudman

Fanfics read:
Goosebumps You Choose the Scare – Welcome to Sand Hands (Botnik)

Readers: Stevo, Val, Logan, Shawn, Troy, Mike (Kinesis)

Dangit, Troy! How dare you come on two episodes back to back! That’s taking full advantage of the fact that you’re recruiting so many more terrible people for this terrible show, and even offering to host them or use your equipment to make it happen! Stop being such a good person!

Yes, Troy comes back again and this time brings his friend Mike (Kinesis) for our first ever choose your own adventure-style reading! Botnik’s seminal Welcome to Sand Hands is read by the crew and guests the whole time. How many times will they die? Will mom EVER stop reading our books? Was it a smart idea to bite the magician?! Tune in to find out!

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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