Season 11 Episode 4 – Rouge the Bat’s Mystery Shrunken Vagina

Fanfics read:
Jar Jar’s Bizarre Adventure (by cowboychris)
takes one to know one (by bbvqueen) 

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn

Hey look at that! Actually on a roll with releasing these (don’t look too much into it, I know the moment I say we’re on a roll some calamity or five will befall us and you won’t hear from us again until 2062. Okay, maybe not that far but just let me enjoy this small victory). Another episode with everyone minus Val, but don’t worry she comes back real real soon. Apologies as this episode was recorded in October so the commentary is a littttttttle bit dated. The stories, however, are timeless.

First we read about Jar Jar Bink’s non-canon daddy in the extremely trippy Jar Jar’s Bizarre Adventure. Then we read about Metal Gear, which David apparently has never played so don’t ask him about it cause he doesn’t know anything, and we end up trying to list all the different snakes in between various groans.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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