Season 11 Episode 5 – Emit Azzip

Fanfics read:
Kinkformers 2019 (by Kiyuo_Honoo)
Pizza Time for Pizza Parker (by cementisboost)
Spider-Man, The Orthodontist (by 1LuvDragonQueen)
Disturbed (by DarkSlayer84)

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn

YAY WE GOT ALL FIVE TOGETHER! The stars aligned, the tectonic plates shifted, heaven and hell roasted and froze respectively, and the baby stayed asleep the whole time! MACKEREL. Enjoy it while it lasts, if it lasts, cause it probably doesn’t but its really nice to get the band back together to play on top of this windy rooftop surrounded by sharks and barbed wire.

In this episode we read a few Transformers Kinktober pieces, a few stories about Spider Man, and then jack into the Matrix. It was a thing! Tip your drivers.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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