Season 11 Episode 8 – Jace the Lint Sculptor

Fanfics read:
MOCKFICK Book 2 – Technically The First (by Popful)
Easing one’s mind (by Veltana)
Cloud Strife The Dirty Window Cleaner (by Jack Russel) 

Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn

Logan’s back again! Noticing a pattern? Cause I definitely am not. He’s totally not going to constantly pop in and out for the remainder of the season. Nope, not at all. But now that he IS back, we got to finish the MOCKFICK Book 2, and read two more stories. The first one was specifically for Logan called Easing One’s Mind, about Magic the Gathering. And then the next one was just fun for everyone, called Cloud Strife The Dirty Window Cleaner. Spoiler: he doesn’t actually do a lot of window cleaning in it. Surprised, I know.

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