Season 4 Episode 12 – I Don’t Want Cake in My Ass, Steve

Fanfics read:
Dreams are eternal, search for the true story (by Michael Johnson)
She Wants The B (by softplops)
WrestleMania 1962 Voldemort, John Cena, John F Kennedy, and More (by CottoneyeJoe)

Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Symphoenix, Afrohawk
Referee: Val

Deep breath. We stand on the precipice of… FINALLY FINISHING THE LAST PART OF “SONIC IN THE SEARCH FOR LOVE” FOR EVER AND EVER UNTIL THE END OF TIME PLEASE DO NOT SEND US ANYMORE. Please read along with the end of our terrible journey in “Dreams are eternal, search for the true story” by OathkeeperRoxasxNamine09.

After that, we read “She Wants The B” by softplops – a morbid and terrible Bee Movie fanfic. It… It’s not the Jerry Seinfeld that we know and love. Finally, we attempt to read a Wrestlemania fic starring John Cena and JFK for some reason. Behold: “WrestleMania 1962 Voldemort, John Cena, John F Kennedy, and More” by CottoneyeJoe.

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