Season 11 Episode 17 – Good Boy

Fanfics read:
I wanna be the guy who loves a fruit (by KennySheep)
Steamed Hams but it’s Garashir (by StellaRivers)
69 Hues of Meta Friday Night Fanfiction undoes a kerfuffle (by BusterManwomb)
Good Boy (by seeyourcolorsrun) 

Readers: Stevo, Val, Logan, Shawn

I’m writing this summary while watching God-King Texas and Chicken Homed Greg fight very bad golf greens so I really don’t have many thoughts on the matter right now. We read some fanfic about I wanna be the guy, Star Trek DS9, and…ourselves?! What the retcon? Oh, and we read some Simpsons fic.

Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans!

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